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    Just a quick update. TryPerl was down for sometime. I was doing other things. It is back online but I still don’t have a full proof solution. I plan to gather more experience with C and debuggers and I’m sure...
  • Commented on In the name of "Create great things (in Perl)"
    Hey I’m pretty excited you mentioned TryPerl :) I’m the author. The day I booked the domain, a few months ago, I didn’t know perl or anything about linux, the whole project was : a challenge to develop something difficult...
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  • Joel Berger commented on In the name of "Create great things (in Perl)"

    If you are new to Perl, the one thing I will say is, be careful how TryPerl executes code on your server. The difficulties of these kinds of applications is that if someone does some malicious system call, your server could be vulnerable. Other than that I look forward to see TryPerl’s progress and will offer you what advice I can!

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