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  • Commented on Put your CPAN distributions on github
    Wasn't there a project to import all the CPAN distributions into github? If that's still running, seems that it wouldn't be a huge extra step to add links to those repos in metacpan. This would at least provide a fallback...
  • Commented on Conflict Resolution: local::lib and git's Perl
    Isn't the question why your system perl doesn't have List::Utils? That module has been in core for quite some time now. It's cases like that (software package $foo relying on a working perl) that still make a valid point for...
  • Commented on Do not use each
    Not using each() seems like good advice in general. I think that second problem unfairly singles out Data::Dumper, though - the bug is in the example code, not Data::Dumper itself. The iterator would also be reset if Dumper() used keys()...
  • Commented on POE::Session object_states: handlers are sub names not CODEREFs
    That's nothing to do with POE, though - you're just calling _poll_start / _poll_work etc. without parameters? perl -e'sub _poll_start { print "Called with @_\n" } my $thing = { start => _poll_start };' passing sub { $self->_poll_start } or...
  • Commented on Perl and Me, Part 2: The Power of OOP
    Interesting. It sounded like it was the boilerplate that you were calling out in particular, apologies if I misunderstood. Anyway, seems my experiences are pretty much the opposite - it's the Perl OO code which Just Works. Sure, a typo...
  • Commented on Perl and Me, Part 2: The Power of OOP
    You've mentioned several times that writing objects/classes in C++ is easier than in Perl. Would you be able to provide examples? Generally I find it to be the opposite, to the extent that I have Perl write my C++ code...
  • Commented on MooseStyle: Self-made inline vs cpan-based inline
    > Is your issue about Mo or about non-core dependencies? Neither - it's about modules which use Mo::Inline. Mo itself seems fine, if a module uses it and works, that's great. Non-core dependencies... the more the merrier. I have no...
  • Commented on MooseStyle: Self-made inline vs cpan-based inline
    An upgrade to Mo::Inline appears to be behind this issue for YAML: and I think a similar issue was behind this: It's not the most pleasant code to be debugging either. It's an interesting idea, but I'm treating...
  • Commented on Arrow Operator Shenanigans
    It's documented in 'Subroutine References as Methods' in perldoc perlobj: You can also use a subroutine reference as a method: $file->$sub(); This is exactly equivalent to writing "$sub->($file)". so I think it's fine to rely on this behaviour. Might be...
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  • dean commented on Put your CPAN distributions on github

    A nice (and key) feature of Git is that you can easily add any number of upstream's which you you can push too at will.

    So whilst you may prefer to use your own private git repo, or another git service ( for example) - you can easily push releases to Github. Perhaps you could automate it with Dist::Zilla or one of its friends so you dont even have to think about it.

    The advantage is that Github really has "critical mass" which maximizes your chances that someone will send you a patch or bug fix as a pull request.

    The aforementioned multi-upstream fea…

  • generalelektrix commented on Put your CPAN distributions on github

    Nice, but that gitpan link brings out a Pink Unicorn.

  • Laufeyjarson commented on Put your CPAN distributions on github

    Thank you for posting these clear directions. Github does offer advantages, but getting started with it is not always obvious. I know I've had to struggle a lot, and clear directions, including the workflow, will be a big help for a lot of people.

  • Brainbuz commented on Put your CPAN distributions on github

    Most of the arguments for using GitHub apply equally to any other good hosted git based service. The advantage GitHub has over its competitors is that it is the most popular, and most CPAN authors already have accounts there.

    Before I move my modules to github, I would like to hear what the people who operate the CPANTesters and CPAN and manage its software, and the two indexing sites think.

  • Olivier Mengué (dolmen) commented on Put your CPAN distributions on github

    Also, don't forget to add a link to your Github account from your MetaCPAN profile. This will help potential contributors to find your repositories even if you forgot to put the link in META.yml/json.

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