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  • Smylers commented on SSH Can Do That? Productivity Tips for Working with Remote Servers

    Andy, I don't really know much about Net::SSH::Perl. This article is all about using SSH in the course of being a developer, rather than writing programs which themselves connect via SSH.

    You'd be better off asking on StackOverflow, or the Perl Beginners mailing list. Good luck.

  • cgarcia.e88 commented on Why Dart is not the language of the future

    For the reader, this article is very old and MISLEADING. The author just wrote it based on the SPEC and not actually coding. The conclusion of the author that "Dart fails to provides the advantages of static languages, without compensating by the flexibility of dynamic languages." is wrong. You get runtime errors and autocompletion thanks to its typed nature, but there is also the 'dynamic' type which gives you all the flexibility you might need.

    First I think that a title like "The language of the Future" is the author being pretentious. Dart doesn't want to be the "ultimate" langua…

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