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  • Commented on Convert FLAC to MP3 on OS X for iTunes
    I'm getting errors when I chmod +x flactomp3 , when is the command given? not sure but maybe I'm not putting in the code right. I had one of my developers come in and run this for me and he's...
  • Commented on Moved house - back on-line
    Ron, I've been picking up pearl with my developers, learning a bit here and there - code mistakes all the time of course. Any advise you have on going from PHP based to pearl based learning? Bonnie Smith COO/Director FXP...
  • Commented on Migrating 76 tables out of MS-SQL. Thanks DBIx::Class!
    ironic, this can't->can fix actually worked for me when I was migrating a larger amount of tables out, I had a few hundred we were trying to move in and out, but kept getting errors until we put up the...
  • Commented on Building a Sexier CPAN Search
    When do you expect to actually compelete the project? I'd like to see this implemented and tested over a wider range of sites so we can workout any bugs or issues on the code side. Bonnie Smith COO/Director FXP
  • Commented on Threads in Perl, Erlang style
    IMO, perl is not really ready or even feasible to be used for erlang style threadining. I believe it can be but it's far from ready. We tested this out a few times with my development team and had errors...
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  • karpet commented on Building a Sexier CPAN Search

    Makes total sense. Keep up the good work!

  • Ron Savage commented on Moved house - back on-line

    Hi Bonnie

    Firstly, it's 'Perl', not 'pearl', since it stands for 'Perfect Language'. The program you run to process your program is called 'perl'.

    It took me years to years to get to the point where I could say I was writing reliable Perl, as distinct from just writing Perl, so take your time.

    The link in the answer to Tony is where to start. Write simple scripts - don't take on large, complex tasks or programs. You'll be trying to learn far to much at one doing that.

    For instance, a well-written CGI script might entail dealing with:
    o Quite a few Perl c…

  • Ron Savage commented on Moved house - back on-line

    Hi Bonnie

    Forgot to mention the great module local::lib.

    And Season's Greetings from the coldest Australian summer of my life.

  • commented on Convert FLAC to MP3 on OS X for iTunes

    I wrote this small program for the same problem:

    It does more or less the same, but grabs the metadata and saves the files in another dir.

  • Rafa commented on Convert FLAC to MP3 on OS X for iTunes

    If I have music in FLAC that I want to play in macbook, I prefer to convert it to another lossless format. In ITunes only AppleLossless format is supported, so i use XLD. It has a GUI but it also can be used in a command line and it works great!

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