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YAPC::Europe 2013 in Kiev, week minus 32. First results

Dear readers,

This Sunday post is the last one before the new 2013 year begins. So, a beautiful chance to have an opportunity to list some results that we achieved during the year and share some plans for the next one.

This year we made a big and very brave step towards hosting YAPC::Europe in Kiev. We made a proposal to the YAPC::Europe Venue Committee after the announcement that there were no other groups to host the conference in 2013. On the one side, we had an experience with making smaller events in Kiev and the YAPC in Riga in recent years, on the other, we have failed …

Christmas Meeting of

Ok, I must admit that we havn't posted something for quite some time. We actually held our meetings and everything, but there was nothing of interest so far. But recently at Christmas time we had our special christmas meeting.

Lots of Perl mongers become busy at christmas time. Buying gifts and stuff, you know, the usual pre-Christmas stress. Other mongers are allready traveling throughout the country visiting relatives for christmas. Though not everyone is able to attend to the last meeting of the year. Our last meeting dates were late in December and therefore very close to Christma…

September Meeting of

This months meeting took place in the refurbished Trattoria Dolomiti.

We were eight perl mongers and had a special guest, Bernd Hendl. Bernd guest had nothing to do with actual Perl programming but he was searching for a new employer for some Perl web applications of his company.

Topics that came up this past meeting were:

  • Version control systems; ranting about commercial VCS'
  • Company policies regarding development tools
  • Local Perl job market (spawned by Bernd's job offer)
  • mod_pytho…

August Meeting of

On Monday we had our monthly meeting of Because our usual establishement, the Trattoria Dolomiti, is closed for refurbishment we went to the restaurant Sofra. A nice turkish restaurant with lots of delicious mediterane food. There was a lot of road work outside of the restaurant so it took a while unless everyone of the seven attendencies arrived.

Sadly, one of our Mongers, gabimuc, is leaving the town. We all hope that she will find her way for the future. We hope that she will s… at YAPC::EU 2010 in Pisa

This year six of our fellow mongers managed to attend to the YAPC::EU in Pisa, constituting the 6th-largest perl mongers delegation at the conference. Every one of us also managed to get a room in the conference hotel, so it was a very comfortable event for us all.

While the authors can't speak for all members, it seemed to be a very good conference, with lots of interesting talks, nice social events and a good many meetings in real life.

Some of the talks that kept in mind were the one by Tim Bounce abou…


In Order to do a little hacking together, we created a group at Github. Due to the fact that many of our fellow Perl programmers are allready subscripted at Github we started that group over there.

In the group we want to share code snippets and scripts for our all benifits. We also want to share projects and locate the stuff, we are hacking on all together over there.

As a first project we created the first steps of the ="… is blogging is a very active Perl mongers group in the Franconian city Erlangen in Germany.

We are about 15 to 20 peoples who meet on the third Monday every month with Perl in our minds. Our meetings usually take place in a small Italian restaurant in Erlangen. From time to time we organize talks and presentations at the RRZE, the Computing Center of the University of Erlangen. And once a year we even organize hackathons and workshops in the nice buildings of the yachtclub of Nuremberg.


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