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Raku gets its very own subreddit

This is a sensible step forward for both languages.

The moderators of r/perl have had a discussion and we've agreed that going forward, this subreddit will be for the discussion of Perl 5 (and, I guess, earlier versions). Posts about Raku are off-topic here. I think that's what most readers here wanted and I think the Raku people will welcome the separation too.

See all the discussion at

Swiss Perl Workshop - Post Event & Future

The Swiss Perl Workshop is over for another year. Thanks to all who attended, sponsored, helped out on the day and before, gave talks, and made suggestions. There are a few photos of the event available on the Perl Events Instagram feed.

The videos of the talks are available here. The recordings were largely successful, although one video still needs some putting together due to technica…

RPerl at the Perl Conference in Pittsburgh - Day 3


We're back for the final day of the Perl Conference. Wendy and Liz were very much missed this year, but we had enough Perl items to set up a booth, with the help of Ruth Holloway and Peter Sargent. The table was full of buttons, stickers, tuits, and other info from Perl Careers.

On this final day we attended the traditional Q&A with Larry Wall. People were able to send their questions via Twitter, and I asked Larry who his favorite musical composer is.
I'm not a technical person, but I am a violinist, which gives me something in common with Larry Wall! Prett…

RPerl at the Perl Conference in Pittsburgh - Day 2

Day 2 of the Perl Conference, and I am now a seasoned volunteer! I know all about HDMI recorders and cameras - well, almost…

This second day saw the very first meeting of the Perl Mongeresses, a Birds-Of-a-Feather for women in the Perl community. This year’s Perl Conference was notable for the highest known attendance of women to The Perl Conference ever! By highest, I mean… about 15 ladies total. Yes, there’s still work to do. This meeting was the opportunity to discuss issues that women are facing in the programming world.

Thank you, Ruth Holloway, for the Perl …

RPerl at the Perl Conference in Pittsburgh - Day 1

After the Texas Linux Fest, Team RPerl went all the way across the country to attend the 2019 North American Perl Conference. This time, I was not in charge of manning a booth. Instead, I was one of the official volunteers for the 3 days of the conference.

What does a volunteer do? He or she can work as a moderator, a runner, or a cameraman, depending on the needs of each talk. The moderator makes sure the speaker follows the schedule and has time for Q&A; the cameraman records the slides and films the speaker; while the runner is there in case something is needed, such as water f…

RPerl at the Texas Linux Festival

RPerl is back on the road! We were in Dallas for the 2019 Texas Linux Fest, another wonderful opportunity to show the open source community that Perl is alive and well! One of the participants called our booth “the coolest-looking table of the conference”, and to that I must say: Thank you Wendy for showing me the way! You are my true mentor when it comes to spreading Perl love.

At the booth, we had the help of Tommy Butler, Perl programmer and leader of the Dallas Perl Mongers. On top of having a booth for the event, Will also gave a talk jokingly entitled “Start A Cult: Bu…

RPerl and the Google Summer of Code

The next Google Summer of Code has been launched, and The Perl Foundation is part of it! Several Perl 5 and Perl 6 projects are available for computer software students to join. Among those, RPerl is present, under the title "Perl 5 RPerl: Built-In Operators". Will the Chill will be the lead mentor for this project. All the details are available here:

Also, here is The Perl Foundation page on GSoC:

RPerl in Brussels

As previously announced, Team RPerl was in Brussels for FOSDEM, one of the (if not the) world's largest open source computer conferences. RPerl creator Will 'the Chill' Braswell was one of the two Perl programmers invited as a main track speaker, along with Andrew Shitov, whose talk was about Perl 6 as a tool for language compilers.

It was my first FOSDEM, and the event was quite spectacular. It takes place at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, and is spread over several buildings full of stands, conference rooms, and dev rooms, all packed. At the Perl booth, Wendy and Liz were busy …


Exciting news!

Team RPerl will be in Brussels, Belgium two weeks from now for FOSDEM 2019, the largest open source computer conference in Europe (and possibly the world). We will be present the whole weekend, helping out at the Perl booth and promoting the RPerl compiler.

Also, RPerl founder Will Braswell is scheduled as one of the main track FOSDEM speakers, on Sunday February 3rd at 2pm. His topic will be Perl 11, a philosophy that promotes Perl projects aiming to re-unify Perl 5 and Perl 6. RPerl is one such project, and there are several others as well.

You can …

RPerl at the Austin Perl Mongers Christmas Party

The last event of 2018 for Team RPerl was the Christmas Party. Our beloved President (AKA "Prez"), Will the Chill, gathered all of us for pizza and Perl projects.

Throughout the evening, we discussed the possibilities for us to develop the use of Perl, promote Perl jobs and Perl projects in the Austin area.

Our main ideas include:
- Hosting Hackathons for Perl projects
- Inviting a guest speaker once a year
- Teaching free Perl classes

Among our members present that evening was Jim Choate, one of the three original founders, along…

RPerl in Paris - Part II

Hello everyone, and Happy New Year!

Previously, on "RPerl Around The World", the team was in Paris for a meeting with the Paris Perl Mongers, and then left for the London Perl Workshop.

We are now back in Paris for another meeting at the FPH building (Fondation pour le Progrès de l'Homme). Every Thursday, the FPH hosts a Linux technical meeting, providing a place for programmers to work on their various projects. Thanks to Emmanuel Seyman, we got to meet two of the Linux programmers, Stéphane Gigandet and Pierre Slamich. They work on a collaborative open source Perl proje…

RPerl at the London Perl Workshop

Only a few days after our Paris presentation, RPerl Team went to London for the London Perl Workshop.

If you missed the talk, here's a quick summary: Perl 11 is not (yet) a version of Perl, but is a philosophy, or a way of thinking about Perl toward reuniting Perl 5 and Perl 6. There are several projects that fall under the Perl 11 philosophy, RPerl, cperl, and WebPerl for example.

A quick Q&A followed, which continued at the RPerl booth. Als…

RPerl in Paris - Part I

The RPerl team is back! On November 21st, Will "the Chill" Braswell gave a presentation to the Paris Perl Mongers, at the Fondation pour le Progrès de l'Homme, or FPH. For those of you who've been to Paris, it is located in the Bastille area, not far from the opera house. The Foundation exists thanks to the generous legacy of Charles Leopold Mayer, and hosts a Linux meeting every Thursday. We were able to use this place thanks to Emmanuel Seyman, member of the Paris Perl Mongers, who organized this meeting.

The bullet points of Will's presentation were:

- The RPerl compiler,…

RPerl at YAPC Europe - Day 3

Final day... and the RPerl live demo works! We can show how fast the compiler runs, and some people even asked if it’s for real. It is! Will and Mahrez did a great job, but they didn’t stop there; RPM installation packages are now available for programmers to try RPerl on their own code. CentOS 7 is currently supported, with more RedHat and Debian operating systems coming up next.

RPerl is an open source project, meant to benefit the whole community, and even if I don’t really get it, I’m…

Behind The Desk - Running The RPerl Booth at YAPC Europe AKA TPC Glasgow 2018

I came to my first ever Perl Conference to run a booth, which is quite the intimidating task, as I am but a humble Perl newbie.

I was representing RPerl, Will Braswell's Perl 5 compiler, and did my best to try and explain its purpose to the intrigued visitors. In case you missed the booth, I'll do a quick recap. RPerl can do two things: first, it can optimize the speed of normal Perl 5 apps to over 400 times in some tests; and second, RPerl can protect the intellectual property and source code of your software.

Between the conference days, I helped Will set up a Linux VM th…

RPerl at YAPC Europe - Day 2

On the second day of my newbie adventures in Glasgow, I had the pleasure to talk to Larry Wall, who stopped by our table and told me about the time he was a booth babe himself. That conference is really full of surprises.

We used this day to deliver new fliers, give more information about RPerl, and especially the different possibilities for programmers to try it, through, and our new installation files. Mahrez is working from day one with Will Braswell to get us a demo on a VM, and they’re making good progress.

Thank you Chris…

RPerl at YAPC Europe - Day 1

This is a first. First Perl Conference for me, and first time the RPerl compiler is represented at YAPC, also known as The Perl Conference. We had a table, fliers, chocolates, and a computer! Go team RPerl!!!

You may ask : what the heck is RPerl? Very good question, but please watch your tongue. It’s the Perl compiler, for Perl 5 software (and Perl 6 soon), and it’s the work of Will Braswell, long-time member of the Perl community. Its goal is to make your code run faster. Way faster. And it does.

Although not a programmer myself, I discovered the event and the community,…

C::Blocks Advent Day 3

This is the C::Blocks Advent Calendar, in which I release a new treat each day about the C::Blocks library. Yesterday I showed how to get information across the boundary between Perl and C. Today I show how to do that for a number of types, including packed arrays, with minimal boiler-plate.

Perl 5 Porters Mailing List Summary: March 28th - April 4th

Hey everyone,

Following is the p5p (Perl 5 Porters) mailing list summary for the past week. Enjoy!

Perl 5 Porters Mailing List Summary: March 15-27th

March 15th-27th

News and updates

Perl 5.23.9 is now out!

All tickets blocking 5.25.1 are now collected in Perl #127731.

Ricardo Signes and the team are reviewing all the 5.24 blockers here and here.

Steve Hay is organizing the voting file for 5.22.2.

Tony Cook providing his grant reports. In total about 38 hours and approximately 18 tickets were reviews or worked on, and 3 patches applied.

Dave Mitchell providing his grant report.

Term::ANSIColor 4.05 is now out.

podlators 4.07 is now out. was upgraded in core to 0.9914.

Encode 2.83 is now out.

Matthew Horsfall is adding more macros from handy.h to Devel::PPPort so they are available in earlier versions of Perl.


New issues

Resolved issues

Proposed patches

Bulk88 provides a patch in Perl #127791 to silence warnings in inline.h on Win64 VC build. It was merged.


In a conversation around Perl #127712, it was suggested that a future version of Perl might incorporate a fix for the vivification problem, perhaps using a perl-version feature bundle. The problem is that is that autovivification doesn't always respect lvalue vs. rvalue.

The discussion revolving a new type of word boundary continues. One suggested, raised by Abigail, is to provide a class of new boundaries - word boundaries being only one of them. Continue to read the thread here.

Karl Williamson is looking for help from anyone in updating perlhacktips.

There seems to be a solution to the problem of using dlltool to create DLLs on Win32, described in Perl #78395.

Achim Gratz described a problem he's been chasing with a library that misbehaves on Cywgin, due to how ld searches for libraries vs. the search algorithm of Configure.

Dave Mitchell resolved require statements with barewords with leading colons.

Laurent Dami provides another opinion regarding the change Steve Hay is making, putting Winsock errors into $^E.

Dave Mitchell, Aristotle Pagaltzis, and Karl Williamson worked on improving the perldiag message for implicit close warning.

Yves Orton asks why we keep some generated files in .gitignore but some we do not. Zefram offers the explanation.

Dave Mitchell suggested adding optional types to subroutine signatures. Zefram would like the options to stay open for something broader and the conversation contains a few ideas on what can be done in the future in subroutine signatures.

Karl Williamson raises the issue of Perl's fundamental flaw in the interaction of perl and ithreads. He asks what to do about locales and threads in the upcoming perl 5.24.

Rafael Garcia-Suarez discusses the deprecation of and finding a new home for one of its functions: get_locale_encoding.


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