The state of Validation::Class

I've been doing lots of work on Validation::Class lately, in-fact, one of the major changes was the removal of it's Moose dependency which resulted in better overall performance and gave-way to a cleaner code-base.

Validation::Class (development-wise) has undergone three major transitions thus far, from its original proof-of-concept, to being saddled with Moose for easy of development, and finally being stripped down for better performance.

Because each design has taken dramatic shifts, each ...


Conserning the drop if Moose... Do you have any numbers on how much faster it is now?
Was it only compile-time overhead, or also the runtime overhead introduced by type checking?

Did you consider using Mo instead to have a minimalistic object system with a Moose like syntax (which I actually quite like).

Loving to hear your thoughts on that.

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