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Idea: Untitled - "Free Meetup Service for Software Developers"

Hi, I've been thinking of developing a free meetup for developers, if interested please take this survey -

CPAN as a Source for Startup Ideas

I've been wanting to write this post for quite some time, while this doesn't explore the topic in detail it at-least gets it out of my head an into yours (hopefully).

CPAN (the comprehensive Perl archive network) is arguably the best thing about the Perl programming language. CPAN is a repository of Perl software libraries. CPAN is also a great source for startup ideas and has the benefit of providing pre-developed (and usually pre-tested) code to back the venture. The following is a quick mashup of modules and SaaS ideas, some of which already&nbs…

Living in an Age of Excess

Taken with the idea itself, I recently created Email::Sender::Server, an eventual email delivery system. It's purpose is to simply sending emails from applications, doing so by providing a simple creation and validation interface and by handing-off/outsourcing the actual email delivery and error handling to a daemon running in the background.

Yet Another Attempt to Simplify Sending Emails

After relaunching the ANAIO website ( - shameless plug) and admiring how clean and succinct the MVC code was, I was pretty frustrated with the lengths that I needed to go through to configure and send a single email.


Validation::Class as a Data Modeling Framework

An Unexpected Side-Effect.

I personally prefer to check incoming data once and ensure it meets a specific criteria then move on throughout various layers in the application stack with a level-of-certainty that the input is as it should be, ... sort've a set-it-and-forget-it point-of-view.

Prior to recent changes, the genera…

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