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Sexual Harassment?

package Company::Connection;

use Moose;


sub connection {

my ($self, @args) = @_;

# @Linda: I hope this isn't creepy but if you're reading this I just
# want to say I think you're awesome and we should go out on a date
# sometime soon. Do you agree [Yes/No] -- Matt

# ps. do not commit this class to the master branch!!!


return $self;



Les Misérables

09:41 alnewkirk> sooo fucking frustrated
09:41 alnewkirk> but actually ....
09:41 alnewkirk> this line just save-my-sanity --
09:42 alnewkirk> I couldn't figure out why my TT rendering engine was outputting nonsense (1hr of head-scratching elapsed), so I figured I'd see how Dancer was doing it
09:42 alnewkirk> I missed the problem a few times because I didn't pay attention to the comment in the code

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