One month before YAPC::Europe 2011!!!oneone

It is only one month left before YAPC::Europe 2011 Modern Perl! The conference is on 15-17 August in Riga, Latvia.

Yesterday we reached another record of 200 committed attendees. We know that Perl community is much bigger and would like to see everybody in Riga. People from 40 countries and 60 monger groups are going to attend the conference.

Our talk list is enormous and dense. Three days of four or five talk tracks. Three hours of lightning talks. Track for beginners. Larry Wall Monday morning, Damian Conway Tuesday morning, Jesse Vincent Wednesday morning. Talks about Perl 5, 6, 5.14 and even 5.16. Talks on web frameworks, DBIx et. al., NoSQL and clouds, and much much more.

Conference schedule by days:

Not to mention the pre-conference meeting in the centre of city and the attendees dinner in famous Riga's place.

Three easy steps to become a committed attendee:

  1. Register.
  2. Join the conference.
  3. Buy a ticket (note that you save 80% by attending Wednesday only!)

What else you can do:

Hope to see you in Riga this August!

Conference website:
Twitter channel:
Official hashtag: #ye2011
Orgarnizer's e-mail address:

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