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Scrappy - Automated Full Service Web Spider

For the past two/three months (on and off) I have been developing a web spider framework that would bring together many web scraping concepts and methodologies and combine them in one library (package). That framework is Scrappy which is a play on the term (scraper happy or happy scraper), not to be misunderstood as a port of Scrapy the Python Scraper Framework.

For the sake of time I will just highlight some of the features that I think are innovative and add value.

Scrappy can be used as DSL or OOP (even interchangeably). e.g.
use …

Project E.T. - I need your help...

Project E.T. is a tech mentoring initiative that I intend to spearhead and that I hope will be adopted internationally. This page serves merely as a whiteboard for concepts and theories. Project E.T. which is an acronym for Each one, Teach one expresses the fundamental idea behind this conceptualization whereby designers, developers, internet marketers, database administrators, programmers, and other manner of technical, creative and/or entrepreneurial persons make it their responsibility to mentor another on a one-on-one or small group basis.

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About awnstudio

user-pic Al Newkirk is a web application developer from Philadelphia, PA in the United States who specializes in Perl development with MySQL on a Windows platform using Strawberry Perl. I do a bunch of other stuff too, stick around and find out what!