MovableType is the Ugly Duckling of CMS'

... and thats all I have to say about that.


Well, it's not going to turn into a swan, so I don't think that's the right comparison. :)

Have you looked at Melody? It's a community fork of MT. Consider contributing to fix what you find so ugly. We are really short on Perl engineering skills and have a lot of a lot of things to clean up and address. We think there is a swan in there.

We also posted recently about an upcoming redesign of Melody which may change your mind about it being "ugly." Of course if your judgement is not one of aesthetics, then the redesign won't sway you, but perhaps some of the many architectural improvements we are making will?

Keep on keeping it classy, brian d foy.

Byrne, Timothy, I guess even the Melody fork isn't Modern Perl-y enough. No Moose, Catalyst or 5.12 requirements.

One of the large intractable challenges we deal with is that most users don't have their dedicated server, are technical or run it on an ISP that are running a modern version of Perl. Moose is a non-starter with is compilation and memory requirements. Catalyst would require a complete re-write. We're moving towards CGI::Application whose architecture is quite similar.

Ultimately the vast majority of users don't care about these details though. Their looking at all the PHP CMS's and web apps and comparing Melody to that.

and which CMS can be considered not 'ugly' ?

Forget Modern Perl, MT needs a "previous posts" link in the home page built-in :p and maybe getting rid of PHP parts so have a less complicated system. etc. I don't follow what Melody did though...

The missing “previous posts” link is just a peculiarity. We threw out the links (which the default templates include) with the intention to in put in static page generation for the last 5 pages or so and use mod_rewrite for pretty links that lead to the static pages or a dynamic query – but none of us ended up putting in enough time to set that up.

Does Melody make the CMS "Perl only" even for dynamic pages?

We are working to "get rid of" PHP in the core, but haven't gotten there. There is so much to fix and update that has to be evolved over time.

The last discussed plan was to make dynamic page generation pluggable, introduce a Perl based solution and move the PHP parts to a plugin for those who still wanted to use it.

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