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I has only just occurred to me that Validation::Class is not a new approach, concept or execution for me. It is merely the result of a refinement process after lots of trial-and-error (mostly error) and time.

In the beginning there was Oogly, then Oogly::Aagly, and finally Validation::Class. All reiterations of the same idea, each a wee bit better executed than the last with Validation::Class being (IMHO) the end-game.

Where are we now:

Validation::Class now has a pretty solid core and test coverage, a plugin system, and I just git-push'd an HTML form field rendering p…

Validation::Class - Completely Rewritten

I have completely rewritten Validation-Class using Moose. The new Validation::Class is better documented and well-tested. I created Validation-Class for a variety of reasons including but not limited to the fact that I wanted/needed a data validation library that was as reusable as possible, syntactically easy to define, and didn't care much about context.

This spawned a new way of looking at data validation, using a class as an application's firewall representing the rules of the data allowed to pass through it, not bound to a use-case and flexible.

I encourage you to check…

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