I has only just occurred to me that Validation::Class is not a new approach, concept or execution for me. It is merely the result of a refinement process after lots of trial-and-error (mostly error) and time.

In the beginning there was Oogly, then Oogly::Aagly, and finally Validation::Class. All reiterations of the same idea, each a wee bit better executed than the last with Validation::Class being (IMHO) the end-game.

Where are we now:

Validation::Class now has a pretty solid core and test coverage, a plugin system, and I just git-push'd an HTML form field rendering plugin called Validation::Class::Plugin::FormFields to be release on the CPAN after rigorous testing.

I'd never used terms like rigorous testing before because I've never cared about the code enough. In the past I've only ever wanted to get it the concept down and out-of-my-head. I believe this adds to the reason this iteration is alot more solid, ... because I'm becoming alot more solid as a developer.

-- Al

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