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When developing software (or deliverables in general) ... it is a good practice to give your finished product an identifier distinguishing it from other like products (or even different variations of the same product).

The version number 0.0.0 could be (is usually) interpreted as version.edition.iteration, whereas the …

My Little Pony, You can ride err if you want.


Pegasus - The Module-Starter for DBIx::Class data models

Pegasus is a simple scaffolding utility for RAD (rapid app development).
It helps you generate a DBIx::Class data model with schema class, and

It basically extends the convenience of using DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader.
This devkit exists solely to help further eliminate the tedium when
creating data models using DBIx::Class.

A deve…

Validation::Class, Mojolicious::Lite and HTML5 Form Field Rendering

This screencast shows how easy it is to create a web application form with HTML5 form fields and client and server-side validation using Mojolicious::Lite, Validation::Class and Validation::Class::Plugin::FormFields. #cpan #perl #mojolicious

Validation::Class - Screencast

Validation::Class Overview Screencast. In this video I explain what Validation::Class is, why it is, and what it has to offer you.

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user-pic Al Newkirk is a web application developer from Philadelphia, PA in the United States who specializes in Perl development with MySQL on a Windows platform using Strawberry Perl. I do a bunch of other stuff too, stick around and find out what!