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Windows Sucks, Right? It does doesn't it?

Does Windows really suck? Yes. Is Windows also awesomesauce? Yes. Are both these statements and answers contradictions? Yes .. and No. Wait, what? I don’t understand the question. Does Windows suck, yes or no? It depends.


  • Yes, Windows sucks as an operating system for developing in Unix-based programming languages

  • Yes, Windows has the best general Desktop user experience (of all current systems)

So, getting to the point, context-matters. Disgruntled old IRC channel loiterers love to make generalizations about everything from politics to operating systems, regex use-cases to procedural versus object-oriented programming.

This is a cautionary tale for newbies, listen and do as you’re told, but also, don’t.

Your friendly neighborhood rebel-rouser


Scribble: Yet Another Attempt To Make Perl ...

Yet another bright idea (I think) to make Perl look and act like something else ....

# so basically this would load classes on-the-fly using Module::Runtime (or the like) if not already loaded, and provide simple and cute access to class methods, etc. Obviously there are times (most-times) when you'd rather know about a problem at compile-time versus run-time but my brain dumps could care less about those types of particulars.

package App::Controller::Root;

use Class::Path class => 'App';

my $obj;

$obj = class '/d…

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