Windows Sucks, Right? It does doesn't it?

Does Windows really suck? Yes. Is Windows also awesomesauce? Yes. Are both these statements and answers contradictions? Yes .. and No. Wait, what? I don’t understand the question. Does Windows suck, yes or no? It depends.


  • Yes, Windows sucks as an operating system for developing in Unix-based programming languages

  • Yes, Windows has the best general Desktop user experience (of all current systems)

So, getting to the point, context-matters. Disgruntled old IRC channel loiterers love to make generalizations about everything from politics to operating systems, regex use-cases to procedural versus object-oriented programming.

This is a cautionary tale for newbies, listen and do as you’re told, but also, don’t.

Your friendly neighborhood rebel-rouser



Yes, Windows has the best general Desktop user experience (of all current systems)

Um, no :-) I permanently left Windows a few years partly because of several annoyances and lack of features/controls, like multiple desktop and preventing focus stealing. Sure, there are probably third party software for this, but Windows also doesn't (didn't?) have something like apt-get to get 3rd party software easily.

I must also disagree. Windows was by design a single user OS. Lets not even worry about what happened when they bolted on user switching, but the lack of separation between a root user and a common user allowed the security problems that windows is known for. The bolt on "popup for permissions" was so slow and ineffective that most people I know of turn it off immediately! What good is that? I think I might feel a longer related post coming on.

Disgruntled old IRC channel loiterers love to make generalizations about everything [...]

and disgruntled bloggers love to make generalizations about IRC users ;-)

The reason Windows runs in root is so that Microsoft can inspect your machine and delete any unauthorized copies of its programs. Windows will never be secure.

After talking with someone much smarter than me:

Whether X is better than Y is a red herring in this discussion. All of the involved objects are so mindbogglingly complex that they cannot be compared as single units and should not be. All of them are chosen by people not only based on their own merits and how well they allow them to fulfill their goals, but also by how well their environment enables them to use them. For many people there is not even a choice.

The real question is: Can Perl really afford to scare away anyone? We have a lot of difficulty pulling in new blood compared to other more hip languages. If we fight amongst ourselves instead of helping each other to the best of our ability, all that will happen is that the userbase of Perl will become older, and smaller, and eventually die a very long and very slow death.

So please, don't try to be right, don't try to proce something is better than something else just for the sake of it. Please, just be excellent to one another.

No, the "Stay On Top" software does not solve the focus stealing problem. I want windows to behave by not generally stealing focus, but high priority ones should still pop up. And I don't want to have to set "stay on top" manually.

I remember other stuffs that the Windows window manager lacks, but this comment would be too long :)

In short, your premise of "Windows has the best general Desktop user experience" does not hold.

Ok, so honestly I'm not trying to troll, but my counterpoint would be, on *nix a virus can hurt my user account but cannot destroy my OS or other user's accounts, at least not in ways that are easy for Windows computers. That said, I'm willing to listen to why you think I'm wrong.

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