Now's the chance for North Americans to easily get to a Nordic Perl Workshop

The bridge connecting two continents Iceland is literally where North America and Europe meet, and that's where the 2010 Nordic Perl Workshop will be: it's going to be May 1-2 in Reykjavík. I'd like to get many more North Americans to show up to NPW this year, so start thinking about how you can participate in this special NPW that is likely to be the only one ever held in Iceland.

I started this idea in a use.perl post about holding a YAPC in Iceland. After YAPC::EU 2008 in Copenhagen, Josh McAdams, Adam Kennedy, and I hopped over to Iceland to meet with Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason and Tryggvi Björgvinsson to convince them to try a Nordic Perl Workshop in Iceland. I'd like to complete the set of all of the Nordic countries, and Iceland and Finland are still missing (and I don't think we are going to count the Faroes). Tryggvi is already involved with FSFÍ, the local free software advocacy group. Since then, the usual NPW organizers have backed the idea and it looks like it is going to happen. They're putting together the details now and a website should be available soon.

The glacial run-off at Gullfoss, Iceland

Reasons for North Americans to go to NPW 2010 in Iceland

  • Meet a segment of the Perl community you probably won't meet in North America.
  • Attend your first NPW.
  • Air Iceland allows "stopover" trips without all the extra fees or charges. Fly out of the US, stop in Iceland for several days, then continue on to major points in Europe. Plan that vacation to visit but stop in Iceland for a conference.
  • Iceland really isn't that far away. It's five hours from Boston and six from New York. That's the life of a modern laptop battery.
  • The US dollar is very strong compared to the Icelandic Kroner. It's an expensive country (as are all of the Nordic countries), but you're not going to get it any cheaper than now. In 2008 I got about 75 ISK to 1 USD, and now it's 130 ISK to 1 USD.
  • There's a special time suck for Schwern and Adam Kennedy, and it's Iceland's fault. Find out what that is.
  • Iceland is the most naturally beautiful place I've ever been.
  • People at parties seem to be impressed that I've gone there. It's not a place that a lot of people go although it seems a lot of people want to go.
  • You can go to Geysir to see the original. This picture doesn't do it justice, but the geysir is about to erupt as the surface of the pool starts to blister under the pressure:
The original geysir, at Geysir, Iceland

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