Perl Authors Night at Powell Tech Books at OSCON

During OSCON, you can meet several Perl book authors for a panel discussion, questions and answers, and socializing at Powell's Technical Books on Tuesday, July 20 at 7 pm. Bring your Perl books to get them signed by your favorite authors. Also, you can get 20% off new books when you present your OSCON badge at the store during OSCON week. Confirmed authors include:
  • chromatic (Modern Perl, Perl Testing: A Developer's Notebook, Perl Hacks, Extreme Programming Pocket Guide)
  • brian d foy (Effective Perl Programming, Learning Perl, Intermediate Perl, Mastering Perl)
  • Joshua McAdams (Effective Perl Programming)
  • Curtis "Ovid" Poe (Perl Hacks)
  • Randal Schwartz (Programming perl (1st edition), Learning Perl, Intermediate Perl, Perls of Wisdom)
  • Peter Scott (Perl Medic, Perl Debugged, Perl Fundamentals (DVD))
Powell's Technical Books is at 33 Northwest Park Avenue in Portland (Google Maps). You can take the MAX Green line (for free) from the Convention Center to NW 5th St and NW Couch St, then walk 4 blocks west to the store. There are other Powell's location, so ensure you are going to the Technical Books location.


Room for any more? I'll be at the con as well, though to be fair my book is getting a little long in the tooth...

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