I'm going to Tokyo in December

I'm going to be in Tokyo from December 5 to 10. I realized that if I could make it to somewhere in Asia before the end of the year, I will have been on every continent in 2010. Not only that, I hear the Shibuya Perl mongers not only have the largest YAPC, but also have to turn people away just because it's so popular (tickets are on sale now). I want to see what's going on there, even if I can't show up in the right month.

So far I have no plans, although Karen Pauley might find something for me to do. So far she and Marty are the only people I know in Tokyo, but I'm hoping to change that. I'll come to social meetings, give a talk, give out copies of my latest book, or whatever.

Maybe we should even have some sort of exchange program to connect the Asian and American/European Perl programs.


I'm sure you would also enjoy to meet Daisuke Maki (@lestrrat), @tokuhirom and Dan Kogai (@dankogai), at least.

Have fun in Tokyo; I'm envious. :)

I'll take a copy of your latest book! =)


Australia is an island continent. Have you been here? You're welcome, of course. Just don't bring any Pythons, Javas, etc in your luggage...

I'm tokuhirom from Shibuya.pm.

We can convene Perl tech talks and/or drinking party on December in Tokyo :)

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