Please test Crypt::SSLeay

Sinan Ünür is preparing a new release of Crypt::SSLeay, and he's been applying all of the patches in its RT queue. He's getting pretty close to a release version, so if you depend on this module, please have a go at one of the developer versions.

I've only been indirectly involved with Crypt::SSLeay development by making sure people can work on it and sometimes convincing people to help out, so I'm really happy that Sinan is helping out. This is an important module for Perl since a lot of that fancy stuff we do with LWP (and things built on LWP, such as WWW::Mechanize). It's a tricky thing to get right because it has to track openssl and figure out where to find that on your system. Even though we have CPAN Testers, sometimes checking yourself is useful.

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Thank you brian. It is a privilege to be able to contribute what little I

In addition to people testing Makefile.PL with uncommon library locations. See

for an example of how things can go wrong even though tests pass.

I would appreciate it if people can look at

and help me answer the following questions:

- When should Makefile.PL enable this locking mechanism?

- What other threading libraries should be considered?

- Any Windows related information such as how to implement the locking mechanism, which libraries to enable etc would also be useful. I am looking stuff up, but a few nudges would help.

- Finally, how can we test this?

My plan is to have two more development releases before version 0.58.

I am looking forward to any and all input people can provide in this process.


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