Adopt Randy Kobes's modules

This autumn, Randy Kobes, perhaps best known for the alternate CPAN web interface kobesearch, passed away.

If you care about one of the modules that he maintained, adopt it! Write to to let one of the admins know that you'd like to be a maintainer.

I've updated his PAUSE account so I get his bug reports and so on, but I'm unlikely to do any maintenance on his modules unless I can merely apply the patch and release.


I think most of them are already maintained by someone else, like ExtUtils::Command and ExtUtils::Manifest. If not, let me know. Might be interested in on of them ;)

I saw this headline and I knew you had to be behind this post. Thanks for bringing attention to this brian. I didn't know Randy passed away, that sucks. I always use his search interface and always saw his name in the URL.

I'd very much like to maintain his Apache-GeoIP-1.99 module since I use it. I will tackle bug reports and the like as well as make sure it is good shape in Debian. Unless someone else is already doing this.

Warm regards,


Brian: 3 specifics that I'll try to remember to write that list about:

1) The version of PPM we have there is the one that Strawberry Perl is stuck using (since we can't use AS's) - however, I've updated it since to fix a few bugs.

2) CPAN::SQLite is another module that Strawberry Perl uses, and I'd be willing to work with anybody else on it.

3) I'd like to adopt File::HomeDir::Win32 just so it can be backpan'ned. (you really want File::HomeDir::Windows, instead. ::Win32 needed deprecated.)

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