One more week for OSCON proposals

The OSCON Call for Proposals ends February 7th.

In the Perl track, we're looking for:

  • Perly stuff that deals with Javascript, JSON, or HTML5
  • Who's going to do a Plack talk?
  • Modern Perl or modern Perl.
  • Cool new things you can do with Perl 5.14 (see the Perl 5.14 posts at The Effective Perler)
  • Using Unicode in Perl
  • The latest Perl development support tools
  • Current Perl good-enough practices
  • What's up with Parrot and Perl 6

If you're not up to a 40 minute talk, especially if you're a new presenter, we also have short, low pressure 5-minute lightning talks.

And, since speaker participation includes a peer-review process, I have a lot of advice on improving your chances.

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