How about a YAPC::Africa in Tunisia?

At the Nordic Perl Workshop in Malmö, Nadim Khemir and I were talking about having a Perl event somewhere warm. He suggested Tunisia, where he's from and where he knows a lot of people. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to be part of the first YAPC::Africa. I encouraged him to announce it during NPW, which he did, but forcing me to help as an organizer.

As with any new set of organizers, we don't have all of the details yet. We're thinking about sometime in the spring of 2012.

  • There's easy access from Europe. It's in the south Mediterranean.
  • Tunisia is much cheaper than Sweden, and most other European countries.
  • There are nice beaches with water warmer than what you find in Sweden
  • There are European travel agencies that can arrange custom, consolidated trips for Tunisia is we get enough people.
  • Nadim assures me that the tourist areas of Tunisia are safe. There are no US State Department travel advisories for northern Tunisia.

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Sounds more like a YAPC::Africa::North, much less accessible to those below the Sahara.

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