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A long time ago, Gabor set up to highlight the recipients of these annual awards from The Perl Foundation. I was supposed to help, then I got busy. I still want to help, but we also need your help.

  • If you have any pictures of anyone presenting the White Camel awards and you'd let us use them for the site, please let us know. I found only one on Flickr, but maybe there are more that aren't tagged.

  • I'm also keen to get a photo of me announcing the awards in my 5 Lats "I Riga" shirt.

  • If you are a White Camel recipient, we'd like to add a nice picture of you next to our wonderful words about your myriad accomplishments and additions to Perl.

  • We're already thinking about next year. In fact, we're always looking for candidates for White Camel recognition. If you have suggestions, let us know.


There's a photo of me receiving my White Camel at

It was in a pub in London as I wasn't at OSCON that year so Mark Fowler brought it back to London for me.

The list on is missing the 2009 recipients (Michael Schwern, Tim Bunce and myself), probably because the White Camel pages of didn't have any content about us.

BooK, that and the fact that I have not touched that site for 2 years. It really needs some work!

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