Submit your OSCON proposals this week

OSCON Call for Participation ends a bit earlier this year. You have until 11:59PM PST on January 12 to get your proposal in.

I have some advice I've given in previous years that's still good this year:

We're always interested in new subjects and new speakers. If you're a bit nervous about giving a talk at OSCON, you can try out a talk at YAPC::NA in Madison, a month before.

Besides the usual talks, I'd like some people to submit talks for these ideas:

  • Setting up your own CPAN Testers
  • Writing web clients with Mojolicious
  • Creating Perl-based SDL games
  • Integrating Spidermonkey and Perl
  • Creating single file Perl applications
  • Analyzing big data with PDL
  • What's new in Test::Builder 2
  • New features in Perl 5.16
  • MetaCPAN's open data and APIs
  • Perl bought me my house
  • Running my personal weather station with Perl
  • Hacking my Prius with Perl
  • Managing CPAN installations with Git
  • Aggregating Geo, Weather, and pet ownership data using Perl
  • Exploring with Perl
  • Benchmarking applications across multiple perl binaries
  • I know what Perl is, but I really want to talk about Oscar Wilde (Stephen Fry only please)

If you won't be able to give a talk but have an idea that might motivate someone else, leave a comment.


can you tell me approx. how many Perl talks usually happen @ OSCON? I plan to attend YAPC::NA for the first time this June, and, if there's enough Perl @ OSCON to justify, maybe that as well.

Do you know if Tom Christiansen is speaking this year?

I see your RTFM, and I raise you this: ;) Thanks!

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