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I wrote a program to import my Github repos into Ohloh. It works, mostly. It can read the projects from Github, add them to Ohloh, but it's broken in ways I don't understand when it comes to claiming them in Ohloh. Sometimes it works, but mostly it doesn't. The Ohloh API is read only, so I have to screen scrape to go through their awful web forms. To claim the rest of the stuff, I search for my name under "people" and claim what's left. Even then it doesn't always work and it seems to want to rename me based on other committer names (say, 'brian' versus 'briandfoy' versus 'brian d foy'). I'm still a bit boggled that it can't just figure this out by knowing my github account.

I got sucked in by two things. I heard a rumor that Ohloh would take over the space that Google Code Search once had. I haven't found that yet, but I wanted to have all of my projects in there in case it happens.

The other thing was playing with Mojo:UserAgent. I like it for web services because I can use the built-in DOM stuff. However, I still want Mojo::Mechanize. I didn't have anything complex here, so I pulled in HTML::Form and did some things myself. That might be why part of my program is broken. But, I'm moving on. My program is now a gist so you can play with it.



Sorry about the inconvenience. We are trying to figure out both the things you stumbled into - ability to add projects from other forges (including Github) and making it easy to claim commits.

We recently automated a lot of steps when it comes to adding projects from popular forges but it requires that you add one repository at a time.

On claiming contributions, so far, Ohloh has operated on data that is common to all SCMs. As a result, we didn't pay attention to emails addresses in commit logs for aggregating claims. We are correcting it and hope to make claiming contributions easy soon.

We do want Ohloh to be the destination for code search and analytics. Would you be available for chatting some more about your experience on Ohloh?


Running this now for my github account (+- 250 projects, about 200 perl). Let's see how it goes ...

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