"Что думает brian d foy про Perl 7?"

I'm a question in Pragmatic Perl, the Russian language Perl web newsletter:

Что думает brian d foy про Perl 7?
  1. Cрочно переименовать
  2. Перлу отказать вообще сразу
  3. Подождать еще пару лет и переименовать
  4. Прекратить об этом говорить

Google translates that to:

What does brian d foy about Perl 7?
  1. Expedite rename
  2. Pearl deny all at once
  3. Wait a couple of years, and rename
  4. To stop talking about it

I don't recall what I said when Andrew Shitov interviewed me at the Polish Perl Workshop. The video of me saying all sorts of crazy things is on that website somewhere I think, but I can't bring myself to watch it.


Bing offers a slight variation:

Brian d foy thinks about Perl 7?
  1. Cročno rename
  2. Pearl deny in General immediately
  3. Wait a couple more years and rename
  4. Stop talking about it

Bing's translation of the question is closer to the truth. It should be “What does brian d foy think about Perl 7?” I leave translations of the answers to those who really understand Russian.

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