European Perl Tour 2014, getting real

Sawyer and I want to do the European Perl Tour, and we have to start making real plans and arrangements.

Our idea is to travel to anywhere people want to hear us talk about Perl (or whatever) toward the end of summer around YAPC::EU and the Swiss Perl Workshop.

Universal Studios

I have a long wish list of places I'd like us to go (and maybe anywhere within reach of a Eurorail pass?), in a general west to east direction: Amsterdam (where Sawyer is based), Oslo, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Vienna, Olten, Bratislava, and many more places. We're just trying to cover expenses right now, but we appreciate extra.

You can help. We might be the names on the posters, but the Perl community has always been great in its behind-the-scenes, unheralded support (one of the reasons I set up the White Camel Awards).

  • Use your social networks to tell people that we're doing this.
  • If you want us to come to your town, tell us. Set up a crowd funding thing (Crowdtilt is Perl! Contact me for a discount code)
  • Organize a flash or Ignite style event for us in your town, even if it's just in the back room of a tavern. Let's get locals to do lightning talks.
  • Invite us to couch surf!
  • Commission a new talk on a subject of your choosing.
  • Commit to being a regional organizer. You know your country and local community better than we do. We don't need formal things.
  • If you'd like either of us to do a spot of work for you while we are in town, your contribution can help us cover expenses.
  • If you want to tag along for part of the tour to give your own talks or classes, so much the better!

Once we start doing this, there will be plenty of ways for people to participate. We want to be all over the social webz with videos, posts, and anything else. It might even turn into a mini reality show (what is Sawyer going to say about me in the confession room?).

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Hi brian,

when you visit Frankfurt, be sure to drop by at (200km to the south-east). I'm sure we can organize a place for you to crush (in doubt at my place, though we have 2 small kids, so might not be optimal).

I'm currently talking to the rest of to gauge interest, but I'm sure there'll be some :-)


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