CPAN Workshop in Houston at cPanel

I'm giving my CPAN workshop at cPanel* in Houston on Thursday July 31 at 7pm. In this workshop, you can go from nothing to releasing a CPAN distribute in a couple of hours. We'll go through the entire process using an actual distribution you create and uploading to a live server. You may even get actual CPAN Testers results by the end of the night.

If you plan to be there, make certain that you request a PAUSE account ahead of time.

If you'd like to participate in CPAN Day on August 14, this is a good way to get ready.

Although I won't have time before CPAN Day to do this for other groups, I'd be delighted to give this workshop again wherever someone wants to host it.

[*] cPanel is at 3131 W. Alabama, Houston, TX.

I'm taking suggestions for the namespace to use for this CPAN Workshop. People upload modules to the real CPAN. I'll send a Perl Nerd Merit badge to the suggester of the name we choose. If you don't have a suggestion, verbalize your support for another one. (Wow, I think I want a poll for this on!)

Suggestions so far:


One suggestion: could you advice the attendees of your workshop to use a more specific namespace for sandboxing (instead of rather generic "Acme::(attendee's id)" attendees used in YAPC::NA 2012) so that people can easily ignore what they upload just to get accustomed to CPAN? It's awesome to help people upload their first distributions, but if they are not real, they should be easily recognized so.

Partly because I (and I suppose other QA/marketing people) often analyze CPAN distributions to show what's going on on the CPAN: trends of yearly uploads, favored namespaces, various aspects of uploaders, etc., and uploads at a event like yours may have an impact to the analysis. It's nice if we can easily neutralize (or emphasize) the impact.

I also look at the uploaded distributions frequently, and I was kind of disappointed at what were uploaded during YAPC::NA 2012. I soon found what was happening and thought it awesome, but I also wished they had easily discernible names (such as Acme::CPANWorkshop::2012::(pauseid) etc) enough to prevent me from clicking links I saw at my twitter timeline.

And partly because I have a friend (MAKAMAKA, the JSON maintainer) who has compiled a series of books dedicated to Acme modules. Better names should also help him.

Maybe Acme::TutorialUpload:: or Acme::MyFirstDist:: :-)

with a CPAN policy of eventually deleting things authors forget to delete.

Excellent workshop, Brian!!

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