Mojoconf is cancelled; I'm scrambling to do something anyway

MojoConf has turned into MiniConf, with a social meeting on Friday, June 5 and a full day of Perl activities on Saturday, June 6. I'll give my "Become a CPAN Author in Three Hours" workshop on Saturday morning.

It looks like Mojoconf 2015 is being cancelled for lack of sponsorship. I was only involved as a trainer for one day so I'm not privy to everything else that was going on.

However, David Farrell and I are going to come up with something if you've already made plans to be in New York. I don't know what that it, but it might be some kind of training from me. I've only know about this for an hour, so I'm not even close to having a concept of an idea of a plan. One idea is that I go ahead with my Mojo training for anyone who wants to show up.

If you are going to be in New York, please let me know in private email ( if you'd still like to do something Perl-conferency here in New York and what you're interested in. We don't want to strand anyone. There are lots of Perl celebrities in this town, so I think we can rescue any non-refundable corporate travel you may have paid for.

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