Corvisa is Hiring!

Corvisa has a Perl Developer position open that looks quite interesting.

Department:Software Development
Compensation:Competitive with benefits

Job Description

As a Software Developer, you will be responsible for the design and development of our RESTful API and backend processing jobs to add new system functionality that will support our growing customer base.

You will accurately and rapidly write code for various software products, which entails using proper coding conventions as well as following any specific desired coding conventions. Emphasis is on producing clean and lean code that is capable of functioning and scaling in highly demanding business environments.


We are looking for a thinking programmer who desires to join a highly productive team and wants to immediately contribute by totally immersing themselves in our products. The ideal candidate will be religious about the use of source control and desire to properly cover your code with ample test cases and documentation. You should feel comfortable working with a team of highly experienced and talented developers, but should be able to function on your own when given a project.

  • Excellent application development skills
  • Strong communication skills (written and verbal) with all organizational levels
  • Ability to work within a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment
  • Ability to rely on sound application development principles, methodologies and creativity when planning and accomplishing projects and goals
  • Willingness to take and be accountable for risks
  • Self-confidence and be self-motivated
  • Ability to work and function well with minimal direction or with team discussion and verbal direction/specification vs. highly structured written documentation/specifications
  • Expert knowledge of Perl (preferred) or another scripting language such as Python, PHP or Ruby
  • Knowledge and regular use of source control
  • Working knowledge of Catalyst MVC framework, DBIx::Class, and Moose
  • Experience with test driven development
  • Experience with REST API design patterns and concepts
  • Experience with Sencha (formally ExtJS) or other Javascript framework is a plus.

Bachelor/s degree in Computer Science, MCS, MIS, Computer Engineering is a plus, but must be coupled with experience.

[From the YAPC::NA Blog.]

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