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8th Week of Perl 6 Tablets

This might be the last entry about the perl 6 tablets for a longer time. (lot of projects and articles have to be written soon and the moose article for heise sits on the brink and no article from me in this issue of perlzeitung). The work is now gradual and you surely don't want to hear same stuff every week. Just one thought on strategy.

I still work on the appendix (F and G now) rather on the actual tablets for several reasons:

A) work for the beginner

The appedices are more structured toward questions …

7th Week of Perl 6 Tablets

... and what happened?

I added a FAQ (Appendix F) page (and moved links to appendix H aka href appendix), but its just questions so far. You migth ask, but there is already a semiofficial FAQ. True. But would you not prefer better sorted anwers with links where all the parts of the answer are even better explained in more detail?

I added also a which gives you output like:

page title item anchor links lines bytes

Help to write Perl 6 Documentation

You have no clue about Perl 6 but still want to help? Here is your chance. After Appendix A now stabilizes and most of the 750 entries are well formated (signatures still catching on) and in Appendix B also over 600 items link back to Appendix A so you can click back and forth to get a minimal wikipedia effect (What I was looking for in the first place?), now my primary focus is on Appendix G.

This p…

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