BPO Meta : UserPics, API Passwords & Site Build notes

It's been reported that blogs.perl.org UserPics are broken. I don't agree.

First login to blogs.perl.org

Then click the link to your user preferences. (Click the images to get the fullsized versions that aren't "squished")

(update: an existing issue that isn't fixed is that some markup in the body of a post will show up incorrectly on the homepage because MT is truncating the post for the homepage, and clips the post badly half way through, leaving gargbage on the homepage .. hence this paragraph which pushed the next bit of HTML off what is shown on the homepage ... patches welcome .. see below)


Then upload a picture. Note a little further down you can also get the password required for the API / Web Services, which is another reported issue.


Then return to your blogs admin page:


And then republish your blog:


And that should then show your UserPic on your blog posts/profile. You may need to refresh/reload your browser to cache-bust.

ps. I'm in the process of documenting the build process for blogs.perl.org and creating a VMWare guest image of the site, which I hope to then import into Amazon EC2 so people can easily clone it and get a dev environment for the site, which hopefully then reduces some debt/friction for others to help improve/fix the site going forward.

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