Chicago.PM Planning a One-Day Perl Workshop - Interested?

Chicago.PM is planning a small, one-day Perl workshop. Depending on interest, it will either be an "Intermediate Workshop", for people who've gotten started with Perl and want to learn the skills to turn them into a Perl Programmer, or it will have two tracks: Beginner and Intermediate.

The cost is undetermined, but right now we are shooting for "Free". If there ends up being a cost to Chicago.PM, I am hoping that some generous Chicago.PM members will be willing to help defray the cost to the end-user (and I will be one of them), or some generous corporate benefactor might be interested in funding a little in return for some recognition and thanks.

Due to the one-day nature of the event, I am shooting for October/November (Autumn, but not too cold to be able to walk around). This gives us enough time to plan and advertise (maybe), but the timetable is skewed because our team is leaving this building next year (and I do not want to hold the event over the winter, let Frozen Perl handle that ;). If that is not feasible, we can do early Spring (Late March / Early April) as I think we'll still be in this building then.

Most likely the event will be all-day on a Friday. Our building will have plenty of telecommutes on Friday (we are a bank, after all), and it won't be a weekend.

The event will probably be held in the same building we hold our regular meetings, 540 W Madison. The main reason to choose this building is cost, but since it is right downtown (just West of the Loop), it is convenient for Amtrak, Metra, and CTA riders. The CTA makes both O'Hare and Midway convenient as well. There is parking, but it is probably better to Park-and-Ride the CTA. There are hostels and hotels in the area we can help people to find.

So, ask around! See if anyone is interested in attending a free-or-low-cost one-day Perl conference. I'll be posting a post with this information to also gauge interest.

If just a half-dozen people are interested, we'll do it, I'm more worried that hundreds of people will be interested and I'll have to find some better venue.

If you're interested, leave a comment!


I'll be happy to help out. I just signed up on the mailing list, but haven't attended any activities.

I'd be interested! I like Chicago - any excuse to go there for a day or two is a good one. :)

Of course I will be there :-)

I'd like to attend.

I'm at least vaguely interested. I like Perl events within easy travel from West Lafayette, IN. I'm just not sure Downtown Chicago on a weekday qualifies....

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