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I recently have been working with an accountant to create an accounting/record keeping solution for micro to small non-profits.

I've blogged about the experience bootstrapping this enterprise here:

The blog is a 5 part series repeated on Tuesday's. Some may find some value in learning what tools (besides of course Perl) that we leveraged.

Our application is written entirely in Perl using a web framework that we created years ago.

I know there are (too) many frameworks out there, but this one works for us (not the point of the blog).

We spent about a year and half writing the accounting application and are now starting to market it.

Perl web applications are still being built, believe it or not!


Looks nice. I might suggest this to someone who runs a small non-profit.

Did you post about this on Hacker News? The "Show HN" category is customarily used for such posts (in case you are not aware of it).

Nice. I see it isn't too tied to Apache/mod_perl (you can run it with cgi handlers), have you tried running it with one of the CGI PSGI adapters or in one of the Plack Web Servers like Starman or Starlet?

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