What about a Perl example?

I am becoming increasingly concerned about the frequency with which I will look at an API and find examples in every language...except Perl.

Latest example Abbyy Cloud OCR SDK, an apparently nifty little web service for OCR applications. Examples in everything including Node.js! But not a mention of Perl.

Not that translating these examples is particularly difficult - it simply speaks to the cold shoulder Perl now seems to get. I saw the same bias with PayPal, and Amazon's AWS offerings.

Amazon did offer some Perl libraries which appear to have been autogenerated from some Java -> Perl abomination. Unfortunately the feel is not Perl and the documentation is definitely not Perl podish.

Makes me rethink Perl from time to time...just sayin'


I agree with the observation and share the concern. Unfortunately I think it is a fashion thing and fixing this symptom is difficult.

The only correct thing to do here is to contact the people, ask why they don't have one public (sometimes they have it, just not published) and offer to do it for them.

That's why I write a Perl wrapper for every web service I come upon that I like, and then submit it back to the service provider to let them know about it. They will often then link to the module from their page. I think more of us should help service providers promote Perl.

One thing that I have noticed is that the CPAN modules have the opportunity to become better documentation than the documentation from the API provider. APIs for Perl can include a readable manual rather than just a list of functions. Also, if you include complete usable examples for common tasks, you include them under an examples directory and MetaCPAN will show them.

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