Been looking at Amazon's Simple Notification Service. Very cool. It is a simple topic/message system where you can:

  • create topics
  • subscribe to topics
  • publish messages to topics

What's really nice is the subscriptions can be based on various protocols. For example, email, SMS (US only so far), HTTP(s).

I'm planning on using this for server monitoring and perhaps some workflow processing.

I'm already using Amazon's SQS (Simple Queue Service) with Proc::Daemon to implement some distributed processing across EC2 instances, but was looking at SNS to solve a different problem. In so doing I came across Amazon::SNS which does the trick, although it is a little long in the tooth and needs some polishing. It needs some additional meat around the sparse documentation and is missing some functionality that would be nice to have.

Anyone know of different interface to SNS that I should be using or should I break out the polish?

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Hello, did you find any alternative? Amazon::SNS is buggy and doesn't seem supported anymore.

Try passing:

my $s = '&';


my $s = 'x' x 100000;

and it will fail.

Messages are passed as GET parameters which doesn't allow for long messages and in addition they are not escaped, which screws up the URL the module constructs and passes to the API.

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