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The term continuous integration has gotten a lot of play lately, especially in the startup space. Ultra-lean organizations are doing CI all the time, however as my project grows, the build grows hair, and as my infrastructure becomes more well defined, I'm going to want a way to efficiently implement CI.

We use CVS (yes I know it's a stone age tool), aside from recommendations to get on git and use Jenkins, does anyone have any recommendations for a light weight CI environment?

I know I can spend an afternoon and roll something crude using CVS hooks but wondered if this is an all (heavy) or nothing proposition. Comments?


Thoughts from a very experienced system architect friend of mine:

16:40:13 (nrr) daemontools + some quick perl scripts that aren't long-running to do build/artifact management.
16:40:56 (nrr) that's probably as lightweight as it gets. not a whole lot to install aside from a process supervisor, and not a whole lot to write aside from a quick couple of perl scripts.

This. You're just playing buzzword bingo here, so whether it's "CI," "ultra-lean," "TQM," or something else, remember that it's just a game.

You don't have to switch to git to use Jenkins. You can also stay with CVS (if you want to) and still use Jenkins for CI. There's for example this plugin:

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