OpenBedrock Moves to GitHub

I've moved the development repo for OpenBedrock to GitHub.

For the last dozen years or so the code base has been parked in a CVS repository. As I have been resurrecting the Bedrock project, I decided it might be a good idea to explore a different VCS. Although, CVS has been adequate, a move to GitHub marks (at least in my mind) a move toward a more modern approach to possibly extending Bedrock and maybe Bedrock's reach...or not. In any event, I found it an interesting weekend project to spend some time learning about git, how developers use it in their workflow and creating a public repository for Bedrock.

My first impression of git is that it clearly can do all of the things that you curse at CVS because it can't do! You notice this stuff especially when you are cleaning up a project. More importantly, the community support for git is outstanding. There is practically no question you can type in your address bar that won't get several well explained answers.

Without delving too deeply into the political questions around project housekeeping and module deployment, I'll simply state that I've made a concerted effort to embrace a more practical and modern approach to this subject. My projects build RPMs that can be installed in a customized yum repository making dependency resolution quite easy and painless. I've built Debian packages for Bedrock as well.

Moving to git from cvs and parking my project at GitHub at least feels like the right thing to do at this moment in time even if the tangible benefits might not be apparent today.


Thanks for releasing your code!

The first time you get a (good) pull request from someone you never knew was interested or someone you've never heard of, you will really see the benefit of github for open source

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