A new Student Workbook for Learning Perl

I decided to write another Perl book this week since I couldn't go to OSCON. Well, by "write", I mean update Student Workbook for Learning Perl, which I first wrote in February 2005, when Learning Perl was still in its third edition. I hadn't really thought about it too much, but this is the first Perl book I published. After awhile you lose track of the timeline, I guess.

I've actually been slowly working on this for awhile, so most of the work was porting what I had in Microsoft Word—which O'Reilly was using at the time for this series—into O'Reilly's modern DocBook authoring system (user: guest, no password). No worries, because they did most of that work and I just need to adjust it.

The O'Reilly system can do parallel PDF builds as part of their svn post-commit hooks: there's one PDF file for print and one PDF file for web stuff. The print PDF looks like a regular O'Reilly book. The web stuff can link internally as well as link to external sources, such as CPAN Search and perldoc.perl.org. I'm wondering what other fancy things I can do with that: spoiler control to hide exercise answers? embedded audio or video? Don't you really want to work out your Perl solutions listening to Poker Face played in a loop? Or see a animated lolcat version of the map explanation?

As with my other books, I invite the community to read Student Workbook for Learning Perl as I work on it. I've uploaded the latest PDF build to the In Progress section of The Perl Review website (subscription required).

Another couple of days of solid work and I should be done with this book, and finally get it off of my to do list. I have to make way for another book that I committed to doing starting after YAPC::EU! Note, however, that me finishing the book and it being available are different things. I can't make promises for O'Reilly.

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