A rough draft of Learning Perl 6th Edition

We're almost finished with the updates to Learning Perl, 6th Edition. The big changes for this edition are beginner-appropriate features up to Perl 5.14 and a lot more Unicode. I've keep keeping a diary of my progress at www.learning-perl.com. Now that we are mostly done, it's time for some tech reviewers to catch any lies (outright or by omission) that we've told. If you've done that for me before and would like to do it again, let me know and we'll make the proper arrangements.

In previous editions, we've also let let watch the progress of the book by reading the sources as we worked on them. Since then, we converted to the O'Reilly DocBook system that allows us to turn our work into PDF files that look very close to what the final book will present. Those PDF files are available to subscribers to The Perl Review in the Works in Progress section. Not only can you see the book as it stands now, in the middle of editing warts and all, but you can give us feedback before the book actually commits to dead trees.

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Congrats on (almost) finishing the new edition. I've still got my first edition Llama sitting in a closet somewhere.

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