Learning Perl, 6th Edition is now available

You can actually get Learning Perl, 6th now. It has the latest updates for Perl 5.14, and is much more Unicode friendly (but in a gentle way). So far, it's available directly from O'Reilly Media, it's in Safari Books Online, and it's making its way into the distribution channels for availability in the next two weeks from the book sellers.

There will be piles of them at OSCON, too, and you can track down the authors to sign your copy.

Even if you aren't planning on buying this book yourself, check out the Unicode appendix in your Safari Books Online account. And, you can always help us promote Perl by spreading the word about this book. Buy them for your kids, force your co-workers to read it, and remember that Christmas is coming up.


Congratulations on the new edition!

I pre-ordered the book when it was mentioned the other day. :)

Is the student workbook addendum still created or no?

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