• Commented on Web Services Part 1: YouTube playlists
    A few months ago I researched the same problem. If I remember correctly I ended up using the excellent XML::Feed which is on its own and with minimal fuss quite capable of handling the YouTube api. The only problem I...
  • Commented on On defined(@array) and defined(%hash) is a blogging platform, no support forum. You should generally consider to ask questions on other platforms, like stackoverflow or perlmonks. To determine of what type a reference is (in Perl5 all nested data structures consist of references) you...
  • Commented on Why would I use Tie::Array::CSV?
    No, it should not. Sorry for the confusion, you may well delete my comments, if you want to....
  • Commented on Why would I use Tie::Array::CSV?
    Should this my @column = map { $csv[$_][$colnum] } (0..$#csv); not actually be written like this? my @column = map { $csv[$_][$colnum] } (0..@csv);...
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  • Paul M commented on Why would I use Tie::Array::CSV?

    Watch out though - CSV is ultimately cursed by not having a standard character set so interop will eventually lead to UTF-8/UTF-16/Latin 1 horrors.

  • Joel Berger commented on Why would I use Tie::Array::CSV?

    @Paul, I totally agree, and I wouldn’t recommend using CSV for a new project with user data. My usual use is all numbers generated by scientific instruments or simulations. For this its great. Plus many people are cursed by legacy to need CSV, and for them this is (hopefully) helpful.

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