Saving your test suite history

If you saw my FOSDEM talk about Building a Universe in Perl, I show some examples of the code we use to model behaviors in our universe. I start talking about out test suite at one point and that's probably the most exciting part. You see, we've been fixing our leaderboard system in part because I can do this:

That's a truncated version of our test failure report for tests failing on master. Leaderboard tests show up twice in there.

Ever have an failing test and trying to remember if it failed before? Is it fragile code? Is it fragile tests? Has it ever failed on your master branch? What percentage of your tests fail? Well, now you can find out.

Something New Every Day

Just now, while attempting to do

print "$user's crontab is missing!\n"

I got the error “Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string…”, and after a bit of testing, I discovered that “$package'varname” is apparently an alias of “$package'varname” (in my case, Perl was trying—and failing—to print $user::s).

Did everyone else know this? This is literally the first time I have run across this in almost 20 years of Perl programming

(Of course a quick Google search turns this up in the opening paragraphs of the perlmod docs—I wonder if it’s time to read all of that stuff cover-to-cover?)

Alien::Build vs. Alien::Base::ModuleBuild

I have been working on the next generation of Alien::Base installer which is called Alien::Build. It is already quite usable, and I encourage it's use for anyone who is considering building a new Alien modules. It may also be useful to migrate existing Aliens, if they have requirements that can utilize its unique features. The main idea is to concentrate the recipe for discovery and building of a library into an alienfile which is separate from the Perl installer (usually ExtUtils::MakeMaker or Module::Build). Over the next few weeks I intend on writing a little about some of the new features of Alien::Build. In the meantime, if you are interested, Alien::Build::Manual::AlienAuthor may help you get started.

Perl 5 Porters Mailing List Summary: March 13th-21st

Hey everyone,

Following is the p5p (Perl 5 Porters) mailing list summary for the past week.


TVPM Tech Talks in Reading, UK

On Monday 27th March, the Thames Valley Perl Mongers (TVPM) are having a mini tech talks session in Reading. Talks are going to be about 15 minutes each. Speakers and topics are given below, along with details of the venue.

Any and all are welcome to join us.

Perl is dead

Again...I guess this trope is something Perl developers just have to accept as we keep coding our Perl modules and scripts.

The eigenvector of "Why we moved from language X to language Y"

Wrapping a C shared library with Perl and XS

This tutorial shows how to wrap a C shared library using XS and Perl (including creating a trivial test shared library).

The first 3/4 is the actual wrapping itself. The second part includes the C code and build commands to create the trivial shared library used in this tutorial.

Relatively, I am still very new to all of this, as it's a pretty complex world. Before I started, I didn't have any real C experience, so I've been dealing with that learning curve at the same time, so I know there are better and more efficient ways of doing what I do, and would appreciate any feedback.

I'll get right to it. Here's an overview:

DBIx::Custom 0.38 release - Delete DEPRECATED features before 5 years

DBIx::Custom 0.38 is released. I have deleted DEPRECATED featreus before 5 years.
If you use DBIx::Custom before 5 years, Please take care of updating.

This release performance is up.

DBIx::Custom 0.38

I will add SQL creating feature, database async query support, much faster DBIx::Custom Fast.


The list of DEPRECATED featreus.

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