Amusewiki 2.022

Hello Perl community,

This is a short announcement about the availability of amusewiki version 2.022. Since the previous announcement on, amusewiki has seen a bunch of bug fixes and improvements, both in the backend and in the UI.

The full changelog can be found at The code can be download from github.

Notably, the fetching of remote git archives has been made asynchronous, so it will not block other jobs when fetching large amounts of updates.

Now it's possible to define custom formats for PDF and EPUB.

As always, unofficial debian packages are available at the same time a new release is rolled out and it's still the preferred and recommended way to install amusewiki. See

If you want to try out amusewiki without installing anything, you're welcome to try out the sandbox at

My Perl Toolchain Summit

perl-toolchain-summit.jpg (Source: Flickr)

This past May was my second attendance at the Perl Toolchain Summit, and I hope I aptly justified my presence this time around.

I had a long list of topics to work on, but as usual, I gravitated towards a few focused ones and discussions I found valuable.

Not your great-great-great-great-great-grandmother's Perl

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'll be giving a free public lecture
this week in Olso. It will be my "400 Years of Perl 6" talk, and will be
held at Kulturhuset, Youngs gate 6, Oslo at 6pm on Wednesday 24 May.

I hope to see you there.


Perl 5 Porters Mailing List Summary: May 17th-22nd

Hey everyone,

Following is the p5p (Perl 5 Porters) mailing list summary for the past week.


Perl Toolchain Summit 2017

For the second year, I have had the great privilege of attending the Perl Toolchain Summit (PTS, formerly called the QA Hackathon QAH). This year it was held in Lyon, France, and three cheers for the organizers; it was an amazing event!

Last year I unexpectedly became involved in the Meta::CPAN project, even to the point of hosting the first (annual?) Meta::Hack a few months ago. This year, I continued to work with them, however, the need was greater in the CPAN Testers realm and so there I went.

The (YAML and Perl Toolchain) Summits

Perl Toolchain Summit Lyon, France, May 11-14 2017

This year I was invited to the Perl Toolchain Summit in Lyon, formerly known as the Perl QA Hackathon. I had organized this event two years ago in Berlin.

Having been "only" an organizer before, this time I could actually code. It was a pleasure to work with over 35 people doing a lot of work for the Perl 5 and 6 infrastructure and related topics.

One of them was Ingy döt Net, who I enjoy working with on Perl and other Open Source projects regularly remotely. Since we both love the commandline, I could learn a lot from Ingy over the last two years.

At the summit we were working on existing and new YAML modules. This is Ingy's report of what we did. Spoiler: We killed and reinvented it.

YAML Summit Berlin, Germany, May 5-8 2017

In this post I would like to talk about the 2017 YAML Summit that took place just one week before the Toolchain Summit.

Twin Peaks (YAML Walk with Me)

I've just returned from a 2 week (and 2 Summit!) trip to Europe, specifically Berlin and Lyon. A couple months ago I was invited to attend the Perl Toolchain Summit 2017 in Lyon. Whenever I go to the EU I like to drop by Berlin to visit some friends.

One of my friends is Tina Müller, who works with me throughout the year on various open source things. We met 2 years ago at the Perl toolchain event in Berlin, that Tina helped organize. For the past 4 moths we've been concentrating on all of YAML as a lanuguage.

Specifically we've been making:

  • The canonical YAML Test Suite for all YAML projects
  • A multi-language YAML Editor for seeing how a given YAML text works in several language implementations at once
  • The YAML Testing Matrix website for seeing how all the YAMLs work at a glance

I decided that we should have the first ever YAML Summit in Berlin along with our fabulous collaborator (and NimYAML author) from Stuttgart, Felix Krause.

How I Spent my Perl Toolchain Summit 2017

This was my 5th year of being invited to participate in the Perl Tool Chain Summit (formerly Perl QA Hackathon). It was a real pleasure to be invited to a rebranded version of the same helpful event.

For the second year in a row, MetaCPAN was well represented at the event. This is important because it really does allow us to get much more work done. Getting everyone in the same room allows us to make decisions quickly and often deploy new ideas on the same day they've been discussed. Just like last year, we got a lot accomplished this year. I'm only going to touch on the work which I was directly involved with.

Read the full article.

Perl Toolchain Summit 2017

I had the honour of being invited to the Perl Toolchain Summit 2017, held in Lyon. It was amazing to meet so many of my Perl heroes, and to work with them on Perl toolchain code for a concentrated few days.

The atmosphere, food, and company were all superb, and the opportunity to brainstorm, collaborate, and agree on things to work on in the future unmissable.

I was able to produce these bits of code:

2017 Perl Toolchain Summit

This year I had one goal for CPAN Testers: Replace the current Metabase API with a new API that did not write to Amazon SimpleDB. The current high-availability database that raw incoming test reports are written is Amazon SimpleDB behind an API called Metabase. Metabase is a highly-flexible data storage API designed to work with massive, unstructured data sets and still allow for sane organization and storage of data. Unfortunately, Amazon SimpleDB is as it says on the tin: Simple. Worse, it's expensive: Like most Amazon services, it charges for usage, so there's a huge incentive for CPAN Testers to use it as little as possible (which made some of the code quite obtuse).

PTS 2017 - / metacpan / grep / cpancover / depreciations

This was the second year I got invited to Perl Toolchain Summit 2017 (PTS) - I think I got even more done than last year.

Having so many people all working on similar projects really does lead to an exponential amount of productivity, both across projects and between Perl 5 and Perl 6.

I could write essays on what I was involved in, but a brief summary:


  • Launched new design for (babs did all the work)
  • Discussed and setup env for with toddr and atoomic
  • Got Pete to start updating metacpan's vm
  • Helped Haarg test and deploy a shim so `cpanminus` clients now use the v1 metacpan api (even though they hit the old v0 API), done using Fastly user agent detection and a new site just for this back compat that haarg has written.
  • Discussion on metacpan v0 depreciation with haarg
  • Start of discussion on improving search


Not your grandmother's Perl

I will be back in Oslo next week, and we still have a few spaces available in the
public class I'm teaching there next Tuesday. They'll be taking enrolments right up until 12 noon on Monday, so if you're in the area, there's still time to sign up and discover all the amazing new features and the many significant improvements that have been added to Perl in the past few years.

We'll also be organizing a public talk one evening, which I'll post about separately once the details are settled. Or you can keep an eye on's Meetup page.

Se deg der, du vikinger av Perl!


Perl Toolchain Summit 2017 - Day 4

I didn't get as much done on the final day of the Perl Toolchain Summit because I needed to get home for work on Monday. But I did manage to enlist others in helping me, which is even better.

Devel::Cover has always had a problem in that top level statements (those not in a sub) in modules cannot be covered. This is because perl throws away the optree as soon as it has executed. My knowledge of the internals has never been good enough to even work out a sensible plan for how to solve this, but fortunately Aaron Crane is a good deal cleverer than me and thinks he might be able to develop a solution. It may need perl to have extra hooks, or it might involve deep magic, or both, but at least the end of the tunnel is not pitch black any more. Thanks Aaron! at the Perl Toolchain Summit

Introducing the new way to grep CPAN:

My co-worker Nicholas and I were honored to be invited to attend the Perl Toolchain Summit in Lyon, France last week. It was a great experience for both of us.

Earlier this year, I needed to answer some questions being put to me by the toolchain gang about the scope of the problem of build/test/install without . in @INC. However, was down that day. Additionally I needed to be able to execute Makefile.PL on each distro and see what happened. I tried to do some simple walking using CPAN::Mini when I was done, I played around with putting the data in git so I could use tools like git grep. On a whim I uploaded it to github but found 2 problems: 1. You're not allowed to have files over 50MB. 2. github won't search repos with over a certain number of files. I worked around the problem and uploaded the repo.

Reviewing Perl 5 . in @INC at the Perl Toolchain Summit

Location: Lyon, France
Date: 12 May 2017
Attending: SawyerX, Merijn (Tux) Brand, Todd (toddr) Rinaldo, Nicolas (atoomic) Rochelemagne, Lee Johnson, Aaron (arc) Crane, Leon (leont) Timmermans, Matthew (alh) Horsfall, Kenichi (charsbar) Ishigaki, Graham (haarg) Knop, Karen (ether) Etheridge, Stefan (nine) Seifert, Aristotle

We met to discuss the recent changes to @INC for Perl 5.26.

A timeline and summary of CVE-2016-1238 was given to attendees. P5P has not yet disclosed the original report that led to removal of . from @INC in 5.26 but will be doing so soon. It was requested that this be delayed due to the severity of the original bug.

As of 5.26.0, Perl will be compiled without . in @INC by default. There is a Configure option (-Udefault_inc_excludes_dot) to revert Perl to its 5.24 behavior but this is not recommended.

Madrid Perl Workshop 2017

El próximo día 3 de junio celebraremos el primer Madrid Perl Workshop.

Ya podéis consultar la lista de charlas.

Participar en el evento es gratis y obsequiaremos a los asistentes con una camiseta, comida y café por cortesía de nuestros patrocinadores.
Os animamos a todos a venir.

Cerraremos inscripciones el viernes 19 a las 15:00.
Podríamos aceptar inscripciones de última hora, pero no garantizamos que queden camisetas para los últimos.

Podéis seguir las noticias sobre el evento en @PerlMadrid

Perl 5 Porters Mailing List Summary: May 9th-16th

Hey everyone,

Following is the p5p (Perl 5 Porters) mailing list summary for the past week.


The Perl Conference 2017 in DC

Everyone at TPF and the local DC-Baltimore Perlmonger groups are super-excited about the upcoming conference in June! We've posted almost all of the talk descriptions and are working on the full schedule.

Register now!

The core conference itself is Mon-Wed, and we're hosting some paid-tutorials on the days before and after. The outline:

Sunday 6/18 - Pre-Conference Tutorials

Perl in a Day (John Anderson)
Introduction to Moose (Dave Rolsky)
Perl Second Best Practices ( Randal Schwartz ) - 1/2 day
Unicode and Associated Punishments (Ricardo Signes) - 1/2 day

Monday 6/19 - Conference Day 1

Registation, Intro, Announcements, Snacks
Talks -- 4 tracks
Lightning Talks!
Evening activities -- VIP and Sponsors Dinner

Tuesday 6/20 - Conference Day 2

Intro, Announcements, Snacks
Talks -- 4 tracks
Lightning Talks!
Evening activities -- General Event

Wednesday 6/21 - Conference Day 3

Intro, Announcements, Snacks
Talks -- 4 tracks
Lightning Talks!

Thursday 6/22 - Post-Conference Tutorials 1

Advanced Parsing Techniques (Mark Jason Dominus) - 1/2 day
Higher Order Perl (Mark Jason Dominus) - 1/2 day
MongoDB with Perl (David Golden)
New Perl (Damian Conway)

Friday 6/23 - Post-Conference Tutorials 2

Parsing with Perl 6 Regexes and Grammars (Damian Conway)

Swiss Perl Workshop - Damian on Board (Again)

If you are in the area on August 25/26th, perhaps still in Europe after The Perl Conference in Amsterdam, and need another reason to come to the Swiss Perl Workshop, here it is...

Ladies and gentlemen, we are very pleased to announce that Damian Conway will be attending the fourth Swiss Perl Workshop as speaker, participant, and godfather!

Damian is well known for his talks, his modules, and of course his work on both Perl 5 and Perl 6.

You can sign up for the Swiss Perl Workshop here.

As always, thanks to our sponsors:
OETIKER+PARTNER | Perl Careers | GivenGain. If you would also like to sponsor the workshop then please do get in touch and see here for more information.

Virtual Spring Cleaning (part 3 of XX) wherein one release begets another

The ambush of WWW::Mechanize::Chrome shows more fallout before the module itself has been released. The module is one in a long line of browser automation modules I wrote, starting with WWW::Mechanize::Shell, reaching is breakthrough with WWW::Mechanize::Firefox and continuing from WWW::Mechanize::PhantomJS to WWW::Mechanize::Chrome.

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