CPANtoberfest - CPAN projects for hacktoberfest

If you're taking part in Hacktoberfest, you may have noticed that the list of suggested projects doesn't contain any Perl projects. So I've created CPANtoberfest, a list of CPAN projects with github repos, that you could hack on to get your free t-shirt.

Perl5 to Java compiler - integrating with Rhino

I'm experimenting with calling Java libraries from Perlito5-Java; calling into the JVM Javascript engine was pretty easy:

# here we import the Java packages into Perl packages:
package ScriptEngineManager {
    import => "javax.script.ScriptEngineManager"
package ScriptEngine {
    import => "javax.script.ScriptEngine"

# these are Perl variables, but they are also Java objects
# so we have to declare which package they belong to:
my ScriptEngineManager $manager = new ScriptEngineManager();
my ScriptEngine $engine = $manager->getEngineByName("JavaScript");

# now we can call the Rhino javascript engine:
    'print( "JS thinks that the result is " + ( 1+1 ) + "\n" );'

# JS thinks that the result is 2

The source code is at; I've tested with javac 1.7.0_79 in Ubuntu.

Vagrant Perl Development Environment v1.1.0 released

The Vagrant PDE is a VirtualBox image ready for Perl development with many of the CPAN modules you'd want to use.

  • Upgraded the Operating System to Ubuntu 2015.04
  • Added Rakudo Perl 2015.09
  • Added several Perl Modules
  • Upgraded all the other Perl Modules

If you have never used it, you can follow the instructions for the
Vagrant Perl Development Environment.
If you already have the previous version installed, you can follow the instructions
to upgrade PDE.

The source on GitHub.

YAPC::NA 2016 Organizers

Anybody want to be an organizer for YAPC::NA? We're open to anybody that wants to help out. Really, our only rule is that you have to help out. We don't want to be organizing in front of spectators / peanut gallery. If you are willing to roll up your sleeves and do some work, we're happy to have you. Our next planning meeting will be in a couple weeks. If you want to participate, please complete the doodle poll prior to Monday, October 5th:


The goal of Hacktoberfest is to get more people contributing to open source by submitting at least one pull request (PR) during the month of October. If you sign up and do at least four PRs in the month, then you'll get a free t-shirt.

Building your own MMDB databases for IP-specific data

If you use a GeoIP database, you're probably familiar with MaxMind's MMDB format.

At MaxMind, we created the MMDB format because we needed a format that was very fast and highly portable. MMDB comes with supported readers in many languages. In this blog post, we'll use Perl modules to create an MMDB file which contains an access list of IP addresses. This kind of database could be used when allowing access to a VPN or a hosted application.

Read the full blog post.

Perl 5 Porters Mailing List Summary: September 20th-26th

I have started compiling summaries of the Perl 5 Porters (p5p) mailing list. Thank you to everyone who helped improve them. Following is the first report.

Test::Aggregate Failures under the Recent Test::Builder

My August assignment (yes, I had to "stick" with it for September) in the CPAN Pull Request Challenge was Test::Aggregate. In August, I went on vacation, and CPAN Testers' reporting was down, so I decided to solve the task after I return from the YAPC in Granada and ask for a new distribution for September with a two-week delay. It wasn't that easy, though.

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