Un Exemple Senzill d'Elasticsearch

Un Exemple Senzill d'Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch és un motor de cerca. Fem un petit exemple com es pot utilitzar-ho. Necessitem unes dades per cercar, per tant agafem unes receptes d'internet, gràcies a http://receptes.cat. Un cop tenim les receptes, llavors les podem indexar en elasticsearch, després del qual podem cercar-les.

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Strawberry Perl released

Strawberry Perl is available at http://strawberryperl.com

More details in Release Notes:

I would like to thank our sponsor Enlightened Perl Organisation for resources provided to our project.


I've recently released a new module called Object::Util to CPAN. This is a set of handy methods for working with classes and objects in Perl. It is inspired by Safe::Isa, a module which takes advantage of the fact that coderefs may be called as methods on Perl objects:

   my $method = sub { ... };

Object::Util gives you a set of coderef utility methods that are applicable to a wide range of classes and objects.

Making the Switch to Strawberry Perl

So, I finally made the switch from ActivePerl to Strawberry Perl. Though I was aware of it, I had never looked at Strawberry Perl before because even though I had experienced some minor annoyances with ActiveState's Perl (and one major one, when they completely broke Tk a while back), it worked fine for me most of the time. In addition to ActiveState's Perl, I also use Perl under Cygwin.

As a side note, the reason I use Windows is not because I'm a huge fan. I'd have an easier time with these types of issues on a different OS like Linux. I started out preferring Windows because I was an avid gamer, and I ended up developing a bunch of tools that I use routinely, so until I port them, I'm stuck for now. This story involves Windows 7, if you were curious.

Install XML::LibXML without root

Get a source tarball for libxml2-dev. On `apt` systems:

apt-get source libxml2-dev

Configure it to install locally, and then install it:

cd libxml2-dev/
./configure --prefix=/home/peters/perl5/alien/
make install

Ignoring all other options like LIBS, INC, and the rest of the stuff that's kindly recommended, you only care about showing Makefile.PL where to find xml2config:

perl Makefile.PL XMLPREFIX=~/perl5/alien/

And then it should cleanly make.

YATOP5R (y a thought on Perl roadmap) [rewritten]

You propably seen that rant as well as what caused it. I'm neither core dev nore have 20 Modules on CPAN, but I have talked to lot of people online and in person over the years.

Revitalizing the Perl Power Tools

I've started revitalizing the Perl Power Tools. I love this project, also known as the Unix Reconstruction Project, but there's been a some bit rot and I think we can make it easier to find. Googling "PPT" means so many other thinks, including PowerPoint. I've always had a hard time finding it, and I know it's there! Many of the links to it are dead or buried, and when I talk about it (such as in my Stackoverflow post about paste or my lightning talk at the Swiss Perl Workshop).

Toolbag with power tools

Some of these programs date back to the 1990s and I've discovered weird syntax things that Perl 5.22 won't support. Did you know that you could %hash->{$key} with a normal hash? Not after v5.20 you can't! Also gone is defined( @array ).

Dana Jacobson already fixed a bug in the factor program, which now has tests.

Thoughts on craftmanship

Not specifically about Perl, but I did write a post this week about the software development business in general over on my Other Blog.  Might be worth checking out if you want to listen to me ramble on for a bit on that topic.

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