• Commented on 6lang: The Naming Discussion Update
    I read '6lang' as 'six-lang', which decomposes nicely to 'slang' in my ears. Of course, 'Slang' proper is already taken as the name of a programming language (as is 'S-Lang'). In the end, I mostly agree with
  • Commented on 6lang Naming Proposal is Good
    Perl 5 vs Perl 6 never produce any values. Many misleading occur and it damage Marketing of both Perl 5 and Perl 6. +1...
  • Commented on Perl 6: The Next Node.js, Done Right
    so something like:
  • Commented on How to install into 5.6.2
    very nice. thank you....
  • Commented on Submit your OSCON proposals this week
    I see your RTFM, and I raise you this: ;) Thanks!...
  • Commented on Submit your OSCON proposals this week
    can you tell me approx. how many Perl talks usually happen @ OSCON? I plan to attend YAPC::NA for the first time this June, and, if there's enough Perl @ OSCON to justify, maybe that as well....
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