• Commented on Please not yet-another-oo-system, let's support frameworks
    > The game in 2020 is Frameworks. I agree completely. In fact I'd argue that it's always been the game. People choose language X or Y because of pre-built libraries and frameworks, and not the language itself. PHP and Wordpress/Laravel,...
  • Commented on Perl 7, not quite getting better yet
    Can we just have a /usr/bin/perl-ng (for 'next gen', or any other cheesy suffix we can think of)? It doesn't take over /usr/bin/perl, we won't end up with multiple perl8, perl9, etc... And it still has "perl" in it. /usr/bin/perl-ng...
  • Posted Golang's 'defer' in Perl to TNish

    My day job involves programming in Go. Any function that's deferred gets ran at the end of the functions scope. As a very simple example, the program below prints


    instead of the other way ar…

  • Posted A very simple LRU cache with Tie::IxHash to TNish

    Recently, I needed to add a simple cache to my application. There's great cache modules on CPAN that do this, but I needed to accomplish it with only standard modules.

    In order to create a…

  • Commented on Crowd funding Pinto
    Perhaps Stratopan should be mentioned in the campaign title? Being able to specify module ranges in Pinto sounds like a fine feature, but I (average perl coder) didn't know that Stratopan and Pinto were related until I read the description,...
  • Commented on On CPAN Namespaces: Urban Namespace Planning
    If I’ve got ODE’s to solve, my primary concern is getting an ODE solver, and the underlying numerical library is a secondary worry. This is doubly true if I don’t have to worry about installation of the numlibs (yay Alien!)....
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  • brian d foy commented on Crowd funding Pinto

    It's not for Stratopan. It's for Pinto. Everyone will benefit from this and Jeff's work is for open source. The result will end up on CPAN. I've already said that in a previous comment.

    However, there isn't a difference between a paid hosted service and open source. Think Linode for instance. They can run linux for you or you can run it yourself.

  • joakim.lagerqvist commented on Crowd funding Pinto

    I like this! Would be cool if flattr ( could be used for this and perhaps also any cpan/perl project in general.

  • George Magklaras commented on Perl 7, not quite getting better yet

    Nice article, I see most of your points. For the purposes of accuracy, however, you might like to correct what you say about Python3 and the Linux distros. Fedora (since Fedora 32 which is the latest stable) has switched to Python3 by default (and yes, this has upset many dev folk that were still relying on Python2). Gentoo (I think) has a compilable option to switch to Python3 and OpenMandriva has also ditched Python2. So, things are happening there.

  • davebaker commented on Please not yet-another-oo-system, let's support frameworks

    We're in agreement about the wisdom of prohibiting the thorny parts of the language in order to enable the reliable parsing that's needed for IDEs (such as refactoring) that would be enforced by Sawyer X's Guacamole module. You also called that part a "sane baseline".

    I like either of those descriptions better than "use standard."

    To me, the term "use standard" says "use every part of the language that comes standard with it" ... rather than "use only the parts of the language that meet a prescribed standard."

    The word "standard" is ambiguous... on the one hand, it ca…

  • Dean commented on Please not yet-another-oo-system, let's support frameworks

    I think within an organization 'use standard' is reasonable since it would be your org's 'standard'. For CPAN I agree that something like your suggestions would be better. Perhaps creating a prefix instead so that people could select differing profiles.

    Grammar might not even be too bad.

    use Grammar::standardized;

    Then org's could have their own tweaked versions:

    use Grammar::Shadowcat;
    use Grammar::GSG;


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