• Commented on Please Publish Perl Events on the Calendar
    Gabor, I would prefer to use existing ressources. BooK created a repository for the conferences/workshop/hackathon data:
  • Commented on Please Publish Perl Events on the Calendar
    We should have *one* main repository (Maybe if YEF agrees). From that point we may automate the submissions to the other sites (I volunteer to do that). It's hard for organizers to remember all those sites where they should...
  • Commented on And suddenly, you're hip
    Regarding screencasts at Perl events: It would be great to have some presentation recording devices like the ETH Zurich has ( ). They recorded the talks at FrOSCamp ( ). But these devices are very expensive. In...
  • Commented on Non Native Speakers
    As many people have problems with English text, I started to translate the perlfaq to German ( In our forum at often get the question "what does that mean" (with regard to documentation). So I think it is important...
  • Commented on - gets a facepaint
    Hi Leo, I really like the new design! But I think the "new feature" at is a bit lost. You get the information about the latest release and then there is a single "Unicode 4.1.0" (btw. it is Unicode...
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