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  • Commented on On the relative readability of Perl and Python
    I’m a Python developer but I started coding Perl full time since a little bit more than a year. It’s true that Python has many quirks. That happens with any language that is more than 20 years old. But I...
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  • jjolla888 commented on On the relative readability of Perl and Python

    All languages suck. I have only come across one syntax that I mostly like (unfortunately you cant do much with that particular one).

    So Perl v Python arguments centered around syntax are somewhat irrelevant. You will find godawful things in both of them.

    For me, the only things that matter are:

    (i) lots of powerful libraries
    (ii) good documentation
    (iii) helpful communities
    (iv) speed [for some things]

    My main toolkit is made up of Perl, Python, Go, and C.

    Perl nails (i), (ii), and (iii). It is the super-glue that allows me to write small prog…

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