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  • Commented on DBD::Oracle Trial Release 2
    Well, that's great news! Kudos for all the people involved. A shame that the main interested party here would be Oracle itself, but the company doesn't care. Every company looks for profit, but Oracle's doesn't mind doing it while taking...
  • Commented on Are Restricted/Locked Hashes A Failed Experiment?
    I have used Hash::Utils more than once, specially in OOP projects that I was using "default" OOP model of Perl (not Moose or anything like that). I found out it very useful, specially to avoid typos when referring to attributes...
  • Commented on Perl to the rescue: case study of deleting a large directory
    This post is quite old already, but I found it due to a post of mine in the perlmonks website. As far as I checked, if you're in Linux, you could use a system call to SYS_getdents with syscall and...
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  • Enkidu commented on DBD::Oracle Trial Release 2

    I've installed DBD::Oracle 1.75_40 and it works as well as I expect using the Oracle 12.2.0 client libraries against what's probably an Oracle 11g server. My uses are mostly SELECT calls, so not a great testbed. Many thanks for putting the work in!
    One point to mention because I couldn't find the answer on the fine web: after a recent upgrade to Fedora 28, I had to re-install the Oracle client libraries. There is a missing dependency in the instructions created because Fedora has moved the NIS library out of glibc. You'll need to include
    dnf inst…

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